Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between Sig mesh and mainstream communication protocols?
2019-07-15 16:03:24

BLE   MESH(SIG) BLE   MESH(Tuya) ZigBee Wi-Fi
Protocol Sig BLE MESH 4.2 Tuya 4.2 ZigBee3.0 802.11b
Standard SIG Standard Tuya Standard zigbee3.0 Tuya Standard
No hub control with APP Yes Yes No N/A
Local control  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speed of connection Fast/6sec/BLE with out password Fast/3sec/BLE with out password Fast/3sec/Need cloud and password Slow/10sec/Need cloud and password
Communication speed <800bps <800bps <120Kbps >1M
Communication distance(2 node) open field 50m open field 50m open field 100m Coverage   of router
 in   house 10m  in house 10m  in house 30m
Coverage No hub/3 jump No hub/3 jump Mesh with hub Coverage of router
Remote control though gateway though gateway though gateway though router
Number of devices 128 in one Mesh 128 in one Mesh 100+   under one gate and Mesh less   than 20 under one router
65536 in all 65536 in all
low power consumption 70uA/200ms >3uA 250uA/250ms 13mA
Price Cheapest Cheap High Middle