Frequently Asked Question

What are the advantages of buying the app launch service through Tuya?
2019-01-17 18:17:18

1. High approval rate. Tuya modifies the content and policies based on the platform review rules and real-time status. It detects the rejection risks of the app in advance based on the app function, app content, submitted materials, new policy changes, review process, and other factors.

2. Professional launch. Tuya provides a full and professional launch service. You only need to provide basic information, such as the app name, app description, and app launch scope. Tuya personnel take on other complex tasks, for example, making operating instruction videos and preview images.

3. Synchronous app message push.The app launch service includes creating a push certificate on the app platform. The certificate enables your app to proactively push messages to users who access the app, improving user loyalty and app activity.