Frequently Asked Question

Which type of products does Tuya support?
2019-01-10 18:59:00

Tuya Smart has provided intelligent solutions for traditional products of electrical engineering, lighting, household appliances, smart kitchen, environment and health, and security cameras. It serves more than 930,000 world-renowned customers, such as TCL and Eboy. Tuya Smart can complete product intelligence within 1 day and mass production within 15 days. Tuya has covered 34 daily categories:

1. Electrical products: socket and switch

2. Lighting products: bulb, table lamp, and integrated ceiling

3. Appliance products:

(1) Household appliances: electric fireplaces, water boilers, heaters, electric blankets, fans, washing machines, air conditioners, mugs, drying racks, electric toothbrushes, electric curtains, AI speakers, fish tanks, and water pumps

(2) Kitchen appliances: baby formula dispensers, ovens, bread machines, soymilk machines, juicers, kettles, tea makers, water dispensers, range hoods, refrigerators, rice cookers, and coffee machines

(3) Environment and health: air purifiers, dehumidifiers, water purifiers, robot vacuums, and electronic body scales

4. Security products: garage doors/shutter doors, cameras, doorbells, smart locks, smoke sensors, water leak sensors, door sensors, GPS devices, and arming devices