Frequently Asked Question

Has Tuya passed GDPR certification?
2019-01-10 18:53:49

1. GDPR is a legal document, and no official certificate is currently available. Tuya will follow up on this issue if an official certificate is offered.

2. Tuya has passed the ISO27018 privacy security certification, which proves Tuya's efforts in privacy security. In China, only Tuya and Tencent have passed this certification. The members of the ISO committee have also participated in GDPR formulation. Both have similar content.

3. Tuya has cooperated with the third-party company TrustArc, which continuously audits Tuya's compliance with GDPR and privacy requirements. TrustArc is also the privacy partner for Apple, AWS, IBM, Alibaba Cloud, and Xiaomi and is one of the most iconic companies in this field in the world.