Frequently Asked Question

How can I use the learning function of the universal remote control?
2019-01-10 17:03:35

Scenario: When failing to find the remote control that controls an appliance in the code library of the existing category, you can use the learning function to learn the buttons of the appliance to control the appliance using the app or AI speaker. This function currently supports TVs, STBs, boxes, and fans. Operation instruction: (Use learning of the TV power button as an example)

In step 5, press the button on the original remote control of the appliance. The app automatically goes to the next step.

In step 6, after copying the button, tap the corresponding button (power button in this example) on the app to test whether the button works properly. After copying a button, you can copy  another button or tap Finish in the upper right corner to save the setting and exit the copy function.