Frequently Asked Question

What materials should I provide if I want to apply for Amazon Alexa skill OEM?
2018-12-28 11:25:36

After you make a payment online, Tuya personnel will contact you and tell you the required materials. For example:

1. Amazon developer account (complete the registration in strict accordance with the instructions in Part 1)

2. Skill name

3. Languages to be supported by the skill (English US, English UK, German)

4. English introduction to the skill. A German introduction is needed if the skill needs to provide the German version.

5. Zip code of the credit card billing address used when registering an Amazon developer account (for login authentication)

6. Files for trademark registration in PDF format

7. APP logo in png or jpg format (108 x 108 pixels and 512 x 512 pixels)

8. Email (the email address via which Amazon contacts the developer and the user's email address. Multiple addresses can be provided.)

9. Privacy policy statement (websites that can be directly accessed)

10. PID list of products to be accessed to Echo.

11. Domain name and HTTPS certificate. For details about how to purchase them, see the Instructions for Domain Name and Certificates Required for Skill OEM.