Frequently Asked Question

What happens when an OEM APP build fails and an error code 220 is prompted?
2018-12-24 17:54:00

The prompt diagram for failure to build is as follows:


1、 Please log in Apple Member Centerselect “Certificates, IDs & Profiles” as below. 

2、Click “App IDs” under Identifiers,find the APP name and package name that will be modified. Click to enter. 

3、Select the function of “Access WiFi Information“,set up as “Enabledand save.

4、Then need to regenerate the configuration file, click Provisioning Profiles -> Distribution on the left manualfind APP Configuration file on the right and click to Edit” for Re-Edit.

5、Confirm App ID and select the APP package name.

Select the corresponding certificate and click “Generate” where there may be multiple certificates with the same name here. The expiration time can be used to judge the certificate that was created before, and the validity period is 1 year. If the time cannot be judged, the exclusion method can only be used, one by one, and it subjects to the packaging result. If it’s not matched,the matching system will report an error. In this case, please re-select it.

6、Click "Download" to download the file, then upload it into Tuya platform and request build again.