Frequently Asked Question

What happens when an OEM APP build fails and an error code 206/208/209/210 is prompted?
2018-12-24 17:36:42

The prompt diagram for failure to build is as follows:


Consistent operation for Configuration failure fourth

1Please log in Apple Member Centerselect “Certificates, IDs & Profiles” as below.

2. It is recommended to delete the previously created certificate before and re-creat it to avoid Selection error to be happened during operation. Select Certificatesfind the previously created certificate on the right.

The push certificate is the package name display of the APP, and the release certificate is the name of the developer. It can be judged from the expired time. There may be multiple identical release certificates and it can be deleted if it can't be judged by the expiration time, the certificate deletion will not affect the APPs that have already been uploaded.

3、Click “Revoke” for the certificate to be deletedcontinue to click Revoke.

4、Configuration file is the same,click Provisioning Profiles -> Distribution,find APP Configuration file on the right. Delete it firstly and re-create it. 

5、After the certificate deleted, please refer to the certificate manual for further process.


Set up CRS file on step 2 of the manual, please do it step by step according to the manual.