Frequently Asked Question

If a device and the app reside on the same LAN, can the instructions of the app be transmitted to the device without passing through the cloud?
2018-12-11 10:15:35

Currently, this transmission mode is used by Tuya. If the app and device reside on the same LAN, the app instructions will directly reach the device, which ensures no transmission delay.


This question corresponds to the large circulation and small circulation issues of Gizwits, and deserves your attention. The following provides the question samples:

Are the instructions from the app on a mobile phone to a device transmitted to the cloud and then to the device (namely large circulation)? Does the large-range transmission mode take effect even if the mobile phone equipped with the app and the device reside on the same network segment? Can it be implemented that a mobile phone installed with the app sends instructions directly to a device residing on the same network segment as the mobile phone (namely, small circulation), which can ensure no transmission delay? Can the small circulation mode be implemented?