Frequently Asked Question

Is data secure in Tuya cloud?
2018-12-11 10:14:21

1. Tuya uses the clusters of Alibaba cloud and Amazon cloud (the world's largest cloud service provider), and provides non-stopping services for 99.99% of the total service time. 

2. In the aspect of data security, Tuya applies the world's most advanced finance- and military-grade encryption technologies to each piece of data, and signs comprehensive non-disclosure agreements with customers. Tuya cloud is certified as a trusted cloud. Tuya can ensure the privacy security for you and leverage technologies to ensure the security of products powered by Tuya.

Tuya cloud uses five security policies to protect the security of intelligent devices and eliminate the risk of information leakage.

1. Data encryption: Military-grade AES data encryption is applied. Even if a device is stolen, decryption of the device is impossible.

2. Authorization and authentication: Tuya-owned algorithms ensure data isolation, connection authentication, and request authorization.

3. Dynamic private key: Two codes are required for decrypting a device: dynamic key and dynamic password. Even if the algorithms are exposed, the device security can be ensured.

4. Channel encryption: Data is transmitted via HTTPS-encrypted channels, ensuring network transmission security.

5. Virtual device design: Even if hacker attacks occur, recovery can be implemented within a short time.

In addition, Tuya cloud isolates data of enterprises to ensure data security of each enterprise. Tuya cloud provides various data storage services based on the service scenarios. For example, Tuya cloud stores core data in encrypted mode.

We warmly remind you to pay attention to privacy protection when surfing on the Internet and be alert to phishing websites to prevent financial loss caused by privacy data leakage.