Frequently Asked Question

During release of an app, a message is displayed, indicating that the app package name is duplicate. Where can I change the package name?
2018-11-28 17:20:55

A package name uniquely identifies an app. Unless otherwise specified, app package names cannot be changed. If an app package name must be changed because of being duplicate with an existing one in the app market, contact Tuya technical support to change the package name.


To apply for the modification of the APP package name, you need to apply for the current account of the APP. After confirming the actual identity of the new account, log in to the IOT platform using the current account, enter the "_csc;Support"_csc; center, and submit "_csc;Tech Chat"_csc; - "_csc;App development"_csc; (you can also submit work orders through small programs). After submission, the Tuya staff will conduct an assessment and risk confirmation, and will perform the deletion within 2 working days after confirmation. The work order template is as follows:

Work Order Title: Apply to modify the App package name


APP name: xxx

APP existing package name: xxxx

App new package name: xxxx

Reason for application: xxxx

Account contact: xxx

Contact number: xxx