Frequently Asked Question

How to distinguish if I am using 2.4G or 5G Wi-Fi?
2018-11-26 17:46:45

I The steps of the PC side are as follows:

 1. Click the network icon in the bottom right corner on the system desktop

 2. Click [Network and Internet settings] in the pop-up box

 3. Click [Hardware Properties] under [WLAN] in the [Settings] window

4. Click [Hardware Properties] under [WIFI]

5. Then you will see the information of network band

II The steps for viewing on the mobile side are as follows:


Different brands of Android phones are different. Take Huawei mobile phone as an example. You can click on the connected Wi-Fi name in the Wi-Fi list, and the corresponding information will be displayed, including the frequency.


1)Download: AirPort tool  in the application market

2)Turn on the Wi-Fi Scanner in "_csc;Settings - Airport Tools"_csc;

3) Open the app and click on “Wi-Fi Scan” in the upper right corner. Channel 1-13 band is 2.4G, and larger than 13 is 5G.