Frequently Asked Question

How to add device in App for Internet connection?(WiFi)
2018-01-18 15:03:34

Here is an example of a smart life app

First step:Download “Smart Life” APP

Please scan the QR Code ,or search by “Smart Life” to download on APP Store or Google Play.

Second:Register an account 

  Open App into the register/login interface. You can register by email or mobile number. Input the phone number or email address

  for getting verification code to register.

Third:Add device

1. Power on your device. 

2. Log in your App, and select the + Icon on the top right of the App to add device, select the right device.

There are two config mode:EZ mode and AP mode

1)EZ Mode

Ensure the indicator light flashing quickly (twice a second) which indicates that the device is in config mode which allows you to connect.

- Please refer to the operation instructions at the top of the "Confirm indicator rapidly blink" button about "View Help"

2)AP Mode

Click the “AP Mode”in the upper right corner. After the indicator light flashes slowly, click the confirmation button on the page to connect to a 2.4G network. Then click "Go connect" to connect to the hotspot of the device “SmartLife_XXXX”.