Frequently Asked Question

What services does Tuya provide for business partners?
2017-12-22 10:55:17

This platform provides customers with enterprise management functions including enabling products smart, self-owned App, operation center, data center.

Enabling products smart

Network connectivity is the first step towards a smart device. The standardized modules powered by Tuya are globally applicable, greatly reducing the purchase cost and development cycle.


Self-owned APP

Tuya Smart’s standardized app template allows OEMs to get their branded app by draw and drop. Everything is under your one and only app.

Operation center

l   Set up the User communication channel, and maintain the users easily.

l   Monitor the operating of equipment remotely to improve the efficiency of overhaul

l   Receive the consumer feedback in real time, improve the design of product and optimize the sales strategy

Dash board & Real-time monitoring

l   Real-time checking of all data including adding of devices and distribution of lively areas. Controlling all kinds of device operation data. Embracing the Big Data era with ease and making data more valuable and increasing your gains.

l   Enter the data center with just a few clicks and selections. You can just click to select all classifications and get your data. Realize all-round data collection of device data, sales abilities data of goods of dealers and consumer’s application behavior through the connection between devices and consumers.

l   Know about the distribution of devices, optimize sales channels. You can clearly master the sales and operation circumstances of your devices in all regions through the distribution of devices to scientifically plan and distribute the whole sales channel and optimize market strategy.

l   Collect preferences of consumers to provide basis for product decision-making. Sketch the image of customers and get to know about demands and behavior modes of target consumers according to application of devices. You can also collect region distribution, activation date, use period and other information of consumers to know about consumer’s likes and behaviors to provide strong data support for product optimization and operation decision-making. 

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