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How to set the device to config mode ?
2017-12-07 13:48:55

There are two config mode:EZ mode and AP mode

EZ mode:

AP mode:

The AP mode has one more step than the EZ mode, and step 3 is repeated until the indicator light flashes slowly.

In general:

1) After the device is powered on for the first time, the device will automatically enter the flash state. The device with the indicator light will flash rapidly; the device without the indicator light, such as a light bulb, will flash on itself; if the device is not flashing after plugging in, it is recommended to log in to the APP. After clicking the "+" in the upper right corner and selecting device type, you can click "How to make indicator rapidly blink" above the "Confirm indicator rapidly blink" button for operation instruction.

2) If there is a product such as a plug that has a switch button but no reset button, normally press and hold the switch for 5 seconds to see that the indicator light flashes.

3) For the lighting devices, please press the button by 3 times (on-off-on-off-on) till the device power on and the light flashing quickly.   

4) For products have reset button, please press reset button directly.

(Note: The network only supporte 2.4G network but not 5G network.)

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