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Quick Guide of Using Amazon Echo to Control Smart Devices
2017-12-07 13:48:43

Quick Guide of Using Amazon Echo to Control Smart Devices

1.     What you need to get started

Before using Echo to control your smart devices, make sure you meet the following conditions.

  • Stable Wi-Fi network which could access to Amazon server. (For mainland China users)

  • An Echo device, including Echo, Echo Tap, or Echo Dot.

  • An Amazon account.

  • Smart Life app and a related account.

  • Smart devices.

2.     Add devices in Smart Life app (Refer to App Instruction)

You can skip this part if you've already add some devices to your Smart Life account, and in the meantime the devices' name are easily recognized.

2.1   Download Smart Life app (Refer to App Instruction)

You can scan the QR code below to download the Smart Life app:

You can also search "Smart Life" in either App Store or Google Play to install the app.

Note:“smart life”app is just a app name(for example),you can download your app.

2.2   Register a Smart life account and sign in the app (Refer to App Instruction)

Open the Smart Life app, tap "Register" to register an account, then sign in the app.

2.3   Add device and change device's name (Refer to App Instruction)

Sign in with the Smart Life account, add the device, then change device name to a easily recognized word or phrase, like "bedroom light".

3.     Set up Amazon Echo and enable Smart Life Skill

We suggest using web for configuration in mainland China since Alexa app is not available here.

User can configure Echo through web or Alexa app.

Web configuration link:

Search "Amazon Alexa" in App Store or Google Play to install the app.

We take app configuration as an example. Configuration through web and app are basically the same。

3.1   Set up Echo with Alexa app

You can skip this part if your Echo is already set up.

1.     Make sure your Echo device is energized.

2.     Open the Alexa app by tapping the app icon on your mobile device.

3.     Type in your Amazon account and password, then tap "SIGN IN".

4.     Tap the hamburger menu on the top left corner, select "Settings", then tap "SET UP A NEW DEVICE".


5.     Select your Echo model, choose a proper language, then tap "CONNECT TO WI-FI".


6.     Long press the dot button on the top of your Echo device until the orange light shows up, then tap "CONTINUE". When your phone is connected to Echo, tap "CONTINUE".


7.     Select a Wi-Fi to let Echo have the access to the internet. Type in the Wi-Fi password, then tap "CONNECT". Echo may take several minutes to connect the network.


8.     Tap "CONTINUE" when Echo is connected to the network. After an introduction video, tap "CONTINUE" to finish the setup.

3.2   Link Smart Life account to Alexa

1.     Tap "Skills" in the hamburger menu, then search "Smart Life". Select "Smart Life" and tap "ENABLE" to enable the Skill.


2.     You will be redirected to the account link page. Type in your Smart Life account and password, don't forget to select the country/region where your account belongs to. Then tap "Link Now" to link your Smart Life account. The country/region, the account, and the password must match with the exact content in Step 2.2.

4.     Control your smart devices through Echo

4.1   Discover devices

Echo needs to discover your smart devices before it controls them. You can say "Alexa, discover devices" to Echo. Echo will discover devices which have already been added in the Smart Life app.

You can also tap "DISCOVER" to discover the smart devices. Discovered devices will be shown in the list.


Note: every time you change the device's name on Smart Life app, Echo must re-discover before you control them.

4.2   Control devices by voice commands

Now you can control your smart devices through Echo. You can use the following commands to control your devices (e.g., bedroom light):

  • Alexa, turn on/off bedroom light.

  • Alexa, set bedroom light to 50 percent.

  • Alexa, brighten/dim bedroom light.

  • Alexa, set bedroom light to green.

  • Alexa, set bedroom light to warm white.

  • Alexa, set air conditioner to 24℃.

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